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September 07, 2017


Plastic surgery addict develops a permanent erection as unfortunate side-effect of nose job operation

(Thanks to Patty Villanova)


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Who says it's unfortunate? Vanilla Ice's Croatian doppelganger doesn't seem unhappy to me.

Known in medical literature as the reverse Bergerac effect.

There is definitely a Pinocchio joke in here someplace...

That song about "the knee bone connects to the thigh bone" needs to be updated with some new lyrics.

He's going to really hate going through the TSA pat-down.

(I just came through a TSA checkpoint, I had to tell the agent that this wasn't our third date....)

Home Depot has a special on permanent erections.

Are we sure the doc wasn't just near-sighted ?

Aw, this weirdo is getting a lesson from the school of hard knocks... wait... 'knocks' is not quite right... maybe lose the 'n'.

Why "unfortunate"?

Exactly what was the drug that caused this? I'm asking for a friend.

Anesthesia often causes this condition in men. I had a guy crawl into the e.r. one night after he had this happen to him. Unfortunately he'd had a circumsision earlier that day so to say he was in pain is putting it mildly. I gave him some I.V. Valium to relax things a bit and let's just say things returned to normal, iykwim. After the Valium took effect he told me I was beautiful and asked me to marry him. His wife wasn't too happy about that.

@nursecindy, I know from personal experience that any nurse who relieves pain is worthy of a sincere marriage proposal.

Nursecindy, isn't that kinda backwards? I mean, if he's falling in (drug-induced) love with you, shouldn't the condition be reversed? Or have things changed that much since I was a lad back in the geezer childhood days?

NurseCindy: If his proposal lasts for more than four hours, he should see a doctor, or date one!

Side-affect erection aside, how bad must his nose have been if those are the "after" pictures?

There has to be a joke about sticking one's nose in other peoples business here somewhere.

Was the xray upside down ?

His girlfriend looks happy.

He just needed the proper tool to loosen his nuts.

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