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September 06, 2017


Summer Blockbusters: 8-Minute Battle Between Convenience Store Clerk And Two Would-Be Robbers

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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The guy handled the tire tool attack about as well as one possibly could. Would have been more fun if the second robber reached into the gym bag and pulled a ham sandwich.

Good for that clerk. I hope they didn't want to unload any crap, 'cause he wasn't taking any.

Also, better than the last Captain America movie.

My favorite part was when he blocked them in with the bench and the morons had - basically - no answer.

Seriously, were they just going for Sudafed?

It seems like a lot of work and dress-up for anything other than meth precursors.

Think of all the felonies these two committed on camera. And still, it it safe to assume they both pleaded not guilty.

Criminal stupidity must be a great defense!

As a Stop-n-Rob alum, I salute the clerk.

Split double shifts were fun when the perp was still running around with $39 towards a $100 drug habit.

At about the 5:00 mark, the girl stops what she's doing to try to grab some scratch-off lottery tickets. Under her breath she's probably saying, "Hope this is a winner!"

@FredKey: funny! Not heard that one.

The police in London discourage this, saying 'don't have a go'. I think they are wrong, you're the man on the spot, you decide.

And if the perps know the price of crime has gone up, they might stop the discount shopping.

P.S. Pretty exciting, usually the only 8 minute films that...er, never mind.

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