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September 05, 2017


...and then there are tomato lovers.


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Okay, I'm hoping that the chap in photo #16 is wearing a costume. Otherwise, he's taken this "love of tomatoes" thing wa-a-a-ay too far.

Get ready for a real attack of the killer tomatoes.

For those who are wondering, this is the clean up crew.

Wasn't La Tomatina an opera on PBS? I think I saw it before. Operas always make me sleepy, too.

This replaces the famously unsuccessful LA CINDER-BLOCK.

Some of these people look a little sauced....

@PirateBoy-And also juiced.

It is a service to humanity for this blog to feature those photos.

After the tomatoes, they should be throwing the basil. And maybe the garlic.

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