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September 08, 2017


10 sharks found in home's basement pool

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, Al Barkafski and Fabian Marson)


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That's just (Dr.) Evil!

This is just down the road from my house. We've been ignored up here for so long by responsible parties that all kinds of festering weird has been allowed to develop unchecked. Gives a whole new meaning to the word "diversity."

This is slowly changing as more city people move up. My guess is some city lawyer left his new McMansion to get to know the neighbors at a party down the road. When everybody went down to the basement to admire the pool, he carefully tip-toed out and called the cops. Sad!

Is there a problem, officer?

The cool thing is when they turn off the lights and the lasers strapped to the sharks' heads make a laser show.

This discussion brings to mind the laser-light show over at Stone Mountain. Maybe we should consider ending the highly commercialized and propogandized light show before look to defacing the monument itself.

I caught a baby hammerhead in San Francisco Bay back in 1973. One of our teachers took a few of us out for a Saturday outing. I wanted to keep it as a pet, not knowing that you can't leave a shark in a bucket of water. I was hoping to see some sign of life, though it never perked up. For a while I thought is was just depressed. Life goes on.

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