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September 07, 2017


Irish family tackles problem of bat in kitchen.

Advisory: Bad words. (But spoken with a great accent.)


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A classic by any standard. He tells the woman she's being no help standing behind the door, but what he is doing but filming it and, of course, the commentary? And the dog uses everyone being distracted to pee on the floor.

Better than the last few Academy Award winners.

Like they said, the internet was invented for videos like this. 5 Stars.

Deleted scene from the Disney classic " Darby O'Gill Meets Dracula " .

Too bad no cell phones or video cameras during a bat visit to a teenage pajama party at our house. Sent all the hysterical people downstairs, waited for the bat to land, put a shoe box over it, slid a newspaper between the bat and the wall, released it outdoors and closed the open window. Old house, as we were in the stage of replacing storm windows with screens. Not as entertaining as the Irish coat and rag waving and swearing, but it worked. They upset their poor door.

I would have been behind the door with Maureen.

Its too bad there was no Internet the time I jumped out of my Jeep to sample a rock outcrop and stepped on a big rattlesnake. It struck my high leather boot that was standing on it and got it's fangs caught in the laces. The rattler was hissing and buzzing while I kept jumping around wildly. My wife stayed safely in the jeep. I yelled for her to bring me a shovel or gun, anything, but she kept silently watching while that snake hung on like a snapping turtle. Eventually the fangs broke free and the snake slithered into a pile of rocks. Wives make good observers and she still enjoys telling people how well I can do a snake dance.

Was that the Irish version of Jersey Shore?

Give the bat an escape route like an open window and it will fly out on its own. Towels are useful for hitchhikers, not bats.

I rent out a summer house on a lake here in NH. Years ago, before White Nose Disease wiped out our bat population, one of my renters left the fireplace damper open, and a bat came down the chimney into the house, causing some consternation. I pointed out that my rental agreement has a section that says the landlord is not responsible for "things that go bump in the night." ISIANMTU.

Favorite Part: "He's like McGregor. He's got no legs left."

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