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September 07, 2017


6:54 a.m. Someone had questions about their neighbor’s chickens.

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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WE have problem out here with horses taunting other horses, too. Small world.

Why do they cross the road?

General Tso is such a busybody!

If it was Flathead, a good possibility is was some version of "which came first: the chicken, the egg or the McMuffin?"

There's great material here for a Kafka novel.

The fugitive horses were apparently standing outside the pasture tormenting the well-behaved horses that hadn’t made a run for it.

The epitome of peer pressure.

Two people were screaming at each other in Kalispell.

A warrior's language, similar to Klingon.

Cows were at large.

No doubt at another pasture, tormenting other cows.

In an effort to understand the chicken question, an officer took them in for grilling.

The cat up a tree is never a problem. Has anyone ever seen a cat skeleton in a tree?

The dog won't leave until he makes the humans realize Timmy fell in the well again.

"6:31 a.m. A screen went missing on Shady Lane."

Purloined by (geezer reference) The Naughty Lady?

Some youths in Bigfork were throwing sticks at passing cars.

Schmidt: YOUTHS!

That's literally the only time I have to think about chickens. The rest of the time, I'm thinking about elephants.

You've simply got to pluck that chicken.

If I have any questions about chicken, first thing I do is call 911. Seems logical.

*snork* Wolfsong

Cows were at large.

Sounds ominous.


Wait till you meet the shadowy men who play with guns...

I thought cows are always pretty big. Unless they are medium. Or medium-rare.

Belated ditto *snork* @ Wolfsong...
"he hops/he jumps/so merrily over the water pumps"

(We sing a lot here on the geezer bus)

Some youths in Bigfork were throwing sticks at passing cars.

or were they Utes in Bigstick throwing forks at cars...

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