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September 01, 2017


'Out of control' pensioners fined for hotel rampage

(Thanks to William Charles and Richard Getsinger)

100-year-old man is arrested after accidentally shooting himself in the thigh while handling illegal .32 caliber revolver

(Thanks to Patty Villanova and Jeff Meyerson)


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A 72 year old drunk Scotsman (redundant?) running with scissors? What could possibly go wrong?

As for the Fergus's, this is what happens when you mix watching the Game of Thrones' season finale with hallucinogens. Come to think of it, it might explain the other guy also.

I want to know more about "Miss Titkova"!!! Sounds like my kind of woman!

"Was it good for you?"
"I don't remember!"

I didn't know The Who were on tour.

The Hollywood Strings version of " Let's Go Crazy " is being deleted from the Community Room mood music tape.

In Flathead County neither article would make news. Well, Miss Titkova might make it there or possibly anywhere.

This is what happens when you have dinner later than 4:30pm.

And stay off their lawns!

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