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September 10, 2017


Not a fun night here in the Miami area, but we're OK. Although as far as I can tell, every tree branch and leaf in greater South Florida is in our yard. We keep losing power and then getting it back, and we're not sure whether our generator has anything to do with this (from where we are we can't see it, and with the wind we can't hear it). Anyway, the main thing is, we're OK. Although I have no idea how I'm going to walk Lucy.

We're thinking about the folks in the Keys, and along the Gulf Coast.

We have not yet attempted to eat the lentils.


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Prayers for your safety. Don't eat the lentils unless it's the last resort!

Damn. I knew I forgot to get something.

I've battened as best I could. I brought in 30 plants and only 3 tiny frogs. That's a good omen. It looks like she's planning on visiting my house, so I've baked 6 doz. chocolate chip cookies, and a batch each of cornbread and brownies. I am ready.

Unless my lack of lentils is a bad omen.

Remember to never eat the lentils, only the pot.

Also, a dog does not like going 'out' in the rain let alone high wind. Good luck with that, and stay safe.

I wondered this morning if anything would appear when I attempted to access your web page.

I am glad you are well. When you open the door I bet Lucy will probably refuse the walk electing instead to just hold it until clear skies return.

Good luck, Dave.

I think I'm going to start referring to y'all collectively (all y'all) as writers on the storm.

Full marks for being nuts bravery, but I wish you'd come to New York or some place safer, like Aleppo.

My favorite thing so far this morning was on MSNBC, with self-destructive reporter Mariana Asencio standing in the middle of the street on Miami Beach, a couple of blocks from the ocean, pointing out a huge CAST IRON lamppost that had just crashed to the ground next to where she was standing.

Good luck, but stay away from those lentils.

The lentils may yet come in handy when the looters arrive. If they're lentil-looters, welcome them. If not, lentil the looters.

When this thing is over contact the generator company. There may be a recall.

Don't you just wish, Dave, to be trapped inside a remote ski lodge instead?

Stay safe Dave! In fact I hope everyone in Florida stays safe. Even the morons they showed on The Weather Channel last night that were trying to surf at Miami Beach.

Lentils are good to eat---although I've never tried to eat them dry...

Lentils are a good substitute if you don't have sand bags.

Hang in there bro. We're thinking good wishes for all ya all getting hit by the storm.

OK Dave, the rule on this is when you hunker down, you have to stay hunkered. No changing your mind once the party starts. A good rule of thumb is never panic unless you can panic first. That way you're at the head of the line.
During the recent Harveynous here, one of the most tedious thinks I had to deal with was convincing the dogs that they were supposed to do their business on the deck, after years of yelling at them to not use the deck. You get that 'confused' look.
Lentils have entered the list of perfect hurricane storage foods, things you won't eat unless there's a hurricane. Others are canned corned beef, Dinty Moore beef stew, and roast beef in a can. (Although you can fix up the last one with a little barbeque sauce.)
Good luck and vaya con dios.

The Red Cross sent me an email this morning wanting to know if I'd be willing to help out at one of the Florida shelters later this week. I told them I would but then they told me I'd have to bring my own lentils so now I'm not so sure.

I just had an idea if fermented lentils could be used to make alcohol. And yes, there is a discussion on this topic on Reddit. So Dave, start fermenting, you have nothing better to do now.

Stay safe.

Best of luck, Dave. Will post news from the other side -- still quiet in the Tampa area with the peak coming very early tomorrow AM.

NC, I think I've mentioned before that my sister is also a nurse in (western) NC. She's basically retired but still RC volunteers so I might see her. But there does not appear to be an RC presence where I'm holed up.

I'd probably take the lentils; after lunch today they're not going to feed us until (at the earliest) dinner tomorrow.

Fermenting lentils? Could be handy in the event Dave runs out of beer. But I believe he has a 9,000 gallon tanker truck of beer parked in his driveway so it's not a serious threat,

Qaz, I saw Fermented Lentils open for Zappa. Helluva show.

I'm sure hunkering down is a good idea, but what with the storm surge shouldn't you be hunkering up as well???

Stay safe and keep the updates coming so we know you & yours are ok, hunh?

Keep safe and happy. And if you walk Lucy, watch out for all the vermin swimming around out there!

PS - Try holding Lucy over a tub of water. I see dogs always walk while they're held over water...

Here in the Houston area, I got nervous about high water during Harvey, so I put all the electronics up on chairs & tables. We got no water in the house, but the crap built up for years behind all those electronics may have been more dangerous. On the plus side, I found my "Whip Inflation Now" button. On the negative side, I'm still trying to figure how all this stuff gets plugged together. How can audio be optical?

Generators can be tricky when power comes down the line from whatever source. Nowadays they have automatic reset -- which means after a set number of minutes it will restart. Once the storm has passed, there might be a setting on the control panel that can be adjusted.

The controls might also be secured to prevent accidental arcing, something that can make your day brighter for a few moments but not for a long term positive event. On the plus side, the protections limit the impact of squirrels.

Dave, I am happy to hear that y'all and Lucy are safe!

Er, were safe.

As of six hours ago.

Dave, how's it going? Wading? Floating? Snorkeling?

If you're floating or higher, I guess you don't have to walk Lucy outside! Yay?

My thoughts and prayers go to persuading The Universe that the first post-Irma beer delivery truck that makes it to South Florida breaks down in front of your house, that the driver is a fan, and that you and yours are all in good health and able to partake.

They have hurricanes in Florida? Someone should have told me before I moved here in 1995. Or at least since then.

Um. Dave? Could you pop over to the News Cafe and tell them their live webcam's not working and I can't see what's going on? Thanks a million.

I am glad that you are okay. Dave the Lions won today. It was an awesome game. A typical Lions game where they are losing and then in the 4th quarter they win. Stay safe. I don't know how you can stand the hurricanes there.

Thanks for the update. Relieved!
Lentils: try lentejas instead, they taste sooo much better! ;-)

Thanks for the update. Relieved!
Lentils: try lentejas instead. They taste so much better ;-)

Yentls? I've known a few of them, but never asked (Or wanted to know) how they taste!

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