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September 05, 2017


I stopped yelling at my husband and now we have more sex

(Thanks to funny man)


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With each other?

" If you ever get the feeling someone is avoiding you, you’re probably right. "

Insights like this don't come along every day.

But is yelling during sex still okay?

Women take note. Treat your husbands like kings. Life will be better. (turns around and sprints for the nearest exit....)

All I can say is that the last woman I dated was a real piece of work, but for different reasons. I remember all those nights we cried.

The last time my wife yelled was when I revealed the early plans for a wifi enabled remote control underbed monster for our future grandchildren.

It is inspired by the scene in Harry Potter where the textbook attacks from under the bed.

My son is glad that she intervened.

"posted by Dave"...

Ha ha ha. I can see that his Daveness and I have this trait in common, a wistful sense of humor. A wry, sardonic, resigned attitude, like Tim the Tool Man, or Dan Connor, like Richard Bucket.

"If she'd stop yelling at me, I could probably achieve an erection."



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