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September 01, 2017


Crazy Kiwi beekeeper sits on a buzzing hive as part of $1000 dare

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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I'll pass on the honey, thanks.

I applaud his cajones while they are still attached

Didn't Crazy Kiwi Beekeepers open for Weird Al?

"Fellow bees, let us pause for a moment of silence, as we honor and remember those brave drones who sacrificed their lives to protect our hive from the Great White Moon Attack of 2017..."

What strange bee-havior!

"I think you just tore my rotator cuff."

We need a new updated saying for "..A bee in your bonnet...". Yes I'll get back on the bus....

Those poor bees need some eye bleach.

Thousands of distraught bees will need extensive psychotherapy to overcome the stress they suffered that terrible day a moon covered the sun.

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