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September 09, 2017


A Michigan man combined some state pride with craftiness to create a state-shaped chair with a beer-dispensing Upper Peninsula.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Somehow this story reminds me of John Denver and Berkeley Breathed at the same time.

It would have been a lot easier if he'd built it in the shape of Colorado or Wyoming.

That Michigan shaped beer dispensing chair would be illegal to sell and posses in Utah due to multiple moral issues.

Thanks, Berkeley, for bringing Bloom County back from the edge. Please give my best regards to Opus, Milo, Steve Dallas, etc. I think I knew Bill the Cat back in the day. I hope your back is feeling better. I know you're been to hell and back over your own fall of some years ago. My Dad had four back surgeries himself. Yet there is healing, and some scares, though we strive on as best we can. Thank you for your grace through such difficult times.

As Abraham Lincoln said, "Thank God for Michigan!"

I'm gonna save my money for a Texas margarita machine.

I'd be leery of any yellowish liquid originating from "U. P."

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