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September 05, 2017


Here at the blog we're preparing for Irma by assembling items for the Holiday Gift Guide. Our theme this year is: Let's Be Practical.



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That's handy.

High ? to Vishnu?

♫ You just call on your brother
When you need a five six hands
We a-l-l need .. somebody to l-e-a-n on

One of those would make a dandy hat for Walter.

I see you have the situation well in hand.

I'm afraid to ask what those are designed to go on the end of.

Idle hands are the devil's playthings.

I just touched the screen to receive your high-thirty. Thank you.

The Cleveland Cavaliers need you to play point and dribble for LeBron.

"All hands on deck! You six, over here!"

Can you EVER have too many hands?

"All hands on Dave." (he he) sort of like the blog navy, IYWIM.

I'm confused. Are those finger puppets or hand puppets?

I wonder what Dylan thinks of this.

It's always good to have a handyman about.

If Dave has "talented hands", I so do not want to know!

I've got it... you look very handthumb in this picture. :P

You really need all the hands you can get. That will be handy.

Folks, this hurricane Irma is not going to be good. A good friend of ours *had* a nice fishing home and boathouse in Port Aransas, Texas before Harvey hit. What is headed for Florida could be much worse. Don't take chances, my friends, prepare for the worst and we will pray for the best.

Those will make you go blind.

"Many hands make light work." Gimme a high-twenty-five!

*Sir -Please step out of the car.
OK now tell me how many fingers I'm holding up...

Will all the little fingers on the tiny hands grow there own wee hands?

I know it's "their"and not "there". Somehow watching a weather report about a Category 50 storm that is apparently heading right for my front door affected my typing.

Spare tiny hands available for POTUS when he visits the aftermath of Irma.

I see you have to use the restroom. but I'm confused by what you have to do?

My family and I are sending prayers and love to everyone. Please stay safe, dry, and happy (and alive).

I actually have one of these. It's used for a difficult to do (I can't) magic trick called, appropriately, "Little Hand."

Dave and judi: do not gird. Please run away from Irma.

Didn't James Taylor write a song about this? I think it was called "Handy Man".
I hope everyone in Florida heeds the warnings and gets out of the path of Irma. Please stay safe. I would suggest you come to North Carolina but we're suppose to get part of Irma too.

These exist because somebody got stoned and asked, "What's the opposite of fingerless gloves?"

Dave, please stop swimming in those nuclear reactor cooling ponds...

I'm of course quite concerned about the likely challenges of the coming weeks, and I'm not just talking about a visit from the in-laws.

I would like to share a tidbit from Georgia that may be a bit close to home for some Floridians. A friend here had to have his driver's license renewed today, and of course the DMV requires identification from among several documents one could provide. I guess they include a death certificate on the list of documents in the case of a name change that needs to be verified, though we seem to be missing a step here in Georgia. It's not altogether clear that the death certificate is not for the person applying for the license.

Please let us know how things develop for you all through the days ahead.

P.S. - My father Frank shared an inappropriate comment that I refuse to pass along. Beyond her annoyance with my Dad, Mom is speechless. In any event, all y'all (my colloquial use of the plural) are in our prayers. As always, Jim

Okay, the Italian roots are coming through. Frank's inappropriate comment was "Generate this..."

Godspeed John Glenn.

Go ahead, pull my finger!

Russian hands and roman fingers

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