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September 09, 2017


Man returns home to find naked woman sleeping in his bed

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who says "And this is a problem, why?")


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I understand. During home invasions I usually get hungry, thirsty, sweaty, and tired. Having something to eat, drink, a shower, and a nap are important.

I bet the guy quoted ANIMAL HOUSE: "Thank you, God!"

" petty theft. "

There's nothing loser than stealing someone's petty.

Well. Now we know who goes to bed early in the Blog household.

"You know Joe, this job gets crazier every year. This dude comes home to a naked lady in his bed, and he calls us right away. In the old days, guys would have waited a week or so before calling the cops."

I dunno, I think it was kinda mean to call the cops on Goldilocks. Poor little thing just looking for shelter from the storm. I mean, did she really hurt anyone? It's a shame we're so heartless. Am i alone here? Probably just sleeping it off. It could happen to anyone.

How unfortunate. I have wished for this to happen for years.

Shoe-throwin' woman
Now stay away
Shoe-throwin' woman
listen what I say!

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