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September 01, 2017


The U.S. embassy in Moscow has eliminated the program that sent Ridley Pearson and me to Russia in 2014. Relations between us and the Russians are not good. I blame Ridley.

It was a fun trip. Here's a picture of us with the U.S. ambassador to Russia, John Tefft, and his dog Lui, who is giving me a traditional Russian greeting.

Lui Kiss copy


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If you want to speak with Russians a visit to Flathead County is where you need to go. Russian helicopters land there regularly. The back yards of Hungry Horse and Bigfork are your best bet.

With the downsizing of embassy staff, the dog is going home and the traditional greeting will henceforth be delivered by the Ambassador himself.

Weaponized Mexican food is on missiles right now.

Dave, do you and Ridley still use your code names for each other? If I remember correctly somebody had some bad tummy trouble when they were in Russia. Maybe the guys that were watching the two of you reported that back and that's why they did away with the program.

Our government is running a surplus right ?

Notice how Ridley wisely defers to Dave's status as "Senior Correspondent", allowing him to receive the greeting.

This is not a dog. This is a Lithuanian Tongue Kitten. Please only send pics of dogs. Would definitely boop. 12/10.

I hope Mrs.Dave doesn't see this...

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