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September 01, 2017


City chipmunks are happier, heavier and healthier than chipmunks in the wild, says researcher

(Thanks to The Perts)


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City chipmunks also spend more time grooming and less time moving around, Schulte-Hostedde said.

Makes sense. Gotta look spiffy for all those great city events!

That's why them city chickens is good eatin'!

Do these scientists not see the real implications? They are obviously working with the squirrels to achieve a collective goal. For now they are getting organized and healthier.

Alvin goes to the big city and becomes a pimp. Who could have seen that coming?

Chipmunks are a type of groundsquirrel.

If the city chipmunks start singing in high-pitched little voices, I'm avoiding urban areas altogether.

Calling Sudbury a city is stretching a point. Only "great city event" there is the annual fight over air pollution.

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