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September 12, 2017


British man at bachelor party survives swimming across Hoover Dam

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


Sexually aroused male flies unable to sleep after close encounters with females

(Thanks to James Jones)


We're in post-hurricane Waiting Mode. Our electricity, phone, Internet and cable TV are all out (I'm writing this from the Miami Herald offices). Our generator is still running, but we're almost out of fuel; we're hoping that either the propane truck arrives or the power comes back on. But we have no idea when these things will happen.

So that's the bad news. The good news is, everybody's OK. Our area has many trees down and many roads blocked, but most of the houses seem to have suffered little or no damage. Other parts of Florida -- especially the Keys -- got hit much harder. So we're not complaining.

No, that's a lie. We're complaining. But not too loud. We know we're lucky. And we thank everybody who has expressed concern about us.

We still have not touched the lentils. That's our last option, after cannibalism.

Here's a picture of Lucy and me surveying the damage. Actually, I'm surveying it; Lucy's smelling it.


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