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September 10, 2017


We had a crappy day, along with basically the rest of Florida. But we're OK, and on the east coast of Florida the crappy day is finally ending. It's ending with agonizing slowness -- there is NO day as long as a hurricane day -- but it IS ending. We hope the Gulf Coast does OK with Irma. Over here in Miami we have messed-up yards and streets, many downed trees, messed-up houses. Also many people without power, including us, although we're lucky enough to have a generator, at least until the fuel runs out.

Hurricanes suck.

(Your "No, Dave, Hurricanes BLOW" joke goes here.)

Anyway, thanks to all who expressed concern. We love you back, from under this massive pile of fallen foliage.

We still have not touched the lentils.


Not a fun night here in the Miami area, but we're OK. Although as far as I can tell, every tree branch and leaf in greater South Florida is in our yard. We keep losing power and then getting it back, and we're not sure whether our generator has anything to do with this (from where we are we can't see it, and with the wind we can't hear it). Anyway, the main thing is, we're OK. Although I have no idea how I'm going to walk Lucy.

We're thinking about the folks in the Keys, and along the Gulf Coast.

We have not yet attempted to eat the lentils.

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