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August 11, 2017


Dallas mum demands that solar eclipse 2017 be moved to the school holiday

(Thanks to Ralph)


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"In that case, Ma'am, ..."

Some people are too full of themselves....

This reminds me of a discussion of daylight saving time in Cecil Adams' "The Straight Dope" column. He made the comment that farmers don't like DST because they have to get up earlier. One indignant farmer replied that the reason they don't like DST is that their crops can't handle the extra hour of sunshine -- they burn up and wilt. To which Cecil responded "This is a joke, right?"

Sounds like she should meet the Deer Crossing lady

When the NH-Maine border was re-surveyed, one house that was thought to be in Maine was found to actually be in NH. The owner said: "Thank gawd – I don't think I could have stood another one of those Maine wintahs."

When Canada was debating switching to the metric system, there was a lot of resistance from older people who were unhappy with having to learn new weights and measures. One kind-hearted youngster wrote to the Globe, suggesting that the country should wait until all the "old people" had died and then there wouldn't be any more problems.

The original question is no longer there, but someone has put up a poll asking the same question.

This "Dallas mum" is onto something, namely that the sun and moon both revolve around the earth, with her at the center of it, so they really should be obeying her. All else is Fake News. Galileo Figaro!!!!

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