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August 10, 2017


Taco Bell testing Firecracker Burritos sprinkled with popping candy

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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Popping candy, pooping (and popping) patrons.

Do you suppose T.Bell could come up with a weaponized kimchee? I believe, I really do!!!

So now there'll be popping and crackling from both ends...

ok, so I didn't read whatever the hell this is about. took me an hour just to find a spot to write ya, so I will make this brief. I have a little problem up here in Washington state with a comic, draumady, I like to call my gals, Gracie noel and sideways halo. I was using them just for venting and making fun of most people in positions of authority that piss me off ( just bout all, and everyone with a penis) using my little cartoon head gracie with big lips(dog bite from when I was a kid) don't kiss german shepards through a fense... anywho grace was my nickname when I was a kid given to me by my step dad gary lane, I ran into a lot of shit, noel just cause I am a jesus freak, I got called sideways halo from some church folks after my veil was on sideways in photos of my first communion at st. josephs catholic church and school. Kennewick, Washington. where I spent many years proving my nickname with father dillion and sister Robert joseph and sister ester. sister ester now at our lady of Lourdes in pasco, Washington. my friend and confidant monsenor Dillon passed away may 09th 2014 and my writing and draumady have been under attack sense. I actually have an idot named douglas Raymond rose trying to attach himself to gracie via some sick porn site he has and another jack jones and johnny carr trying to make money human trafficking me as gracie noel and sideways halo without my consent or knowledge, but by the grace of god and a few friends I found out that my cousin tammy and joey smith and brother mike kurz have been helping johnny carr do this through simal cast, pod cast and Skype. I am in the process of having a lawfirm get them a cease and decist order by the police if they will not stop on there own . I was even in jail when I developed the face to go with gracie noel and sideways halo, alter egos of mine, no relation to the carr family, used a barfly michelle carr as a alter ego for awhile also, stopped that one in 2014, may. but like I said no relation to the carr family, just a random name I used.. anywho I still want to get a comic strip going for my polictical satire with gracie noel and my religious satire with sideways halo. both come with my fingerprints and date of birth. 05-19-1964. so any help you can lend me via advice or where to get started I would so appreciate. hey I use to be a paramedic too. I worked for sunstar in largo , florida in 1997,1998,-2003. I hear you were a paramedic also... now I know where you got your wicked sense of humor... write me @ mickurzhamling@yahoo.com I reside in pasco. Washington state (509) area code.... sure could use some help up here...thank you for your time. michelle kurz-hamling, ie..gracie noel and sideways halo. I can send you some of my art if you contact me with a site to send it too. M.J.K.H. 17/

@ michelle-You've been into some of those Oreo cookies manual tomato likes--right?

@michelle: You need a vacation. We recommend you kick back and relax for a week in a lovely place called Flathead County.

On second thought, I want to hear BBC News presenter Simon McCoy read michelle's entire post aloud.

I feel like I've walked into a bad Twilight Zone parody, more-so than even after manual tomato's quirkiest posts
(No offense intended.)

Maybe manual's evil twin? NTTATWWT.

Snork @ Wanderer2575!

Send Michelle to be the President's Press Sec.!

And send the Firecracker burrito to the Congressional Cafeteria.

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