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August 10, 2017


Truck spills DiGiorno, Tombstone pizza on I-30 in Arkansas

(Thanks to funny man, Rick Day, Not My Usual Alias and Le Petomane, who says "I doubt the driver got a tip.")


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We're gonna need a herd of them N.Y. pizza rats!

It's not delivery, it's...

If this had happened before the Super Bowl, we'd be in big trouble.

Now if the pizza truck had collided with a beer truck and overturned next to a biker rally...No things like that only happen in paperback romance novels.

It's Arkansas. Just more roadkill for dinner.

It's not inadvertent delivery, it's DiGiorno's!

What do you want your Tombstone on?

*snork* @ Elf

It's not delivery, it's ......a "mess"?

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