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August 13, 2017


Chuck E. Cheese's new look is way different from what you remember as a kid

(Thanks to Steve K., who says "I've heard they now have boxing gloves for rent.")


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"Not only is it entertaining, the pizzeria is educational". Offering degrees in social interaction.

And the teargas nozzles and rubber bullet launchers are tastefully integrated into the design, too.

Thoughtfully wide aisles with room for two gurneys to pass. The bulletproof glass windows will also be helpful. Yes, great improvements all in all.

Ah-ha! It was the color scheme that was causing all the crazy fights and aggression.

Yeah... that's the ticket.

Also: It's hilarious how the article keeps referring to it as "Chuck E. Cheese's."

Is our journalists and copy editors learning?

where a felon can be a felon

I hope they don't get rid of the inedible pizza, the brain-liquifying noise and the dancing rat.

Nice to see they made the "Brawlin' floor" bigger. It should make clean up easier!

Can you cash in those tickets for ammo reloads now?

Oh wait, I think you can already do that today.

"Not only is it entertaining," detailed the news release, "the pizzeria is educational with signage illustrating the steps to making the perfect pizza..."

One can only pray the kitchen employees read the signage.

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