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August 11, 2017


Scientists create the first mutant ants

(Thanks to Ray Reese, Jeff Meyerson and Al Barkafski, who says "What's next? Squirrels?")


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Haven't these fools ever seen THEM?

Beat me to it Jeff....I'll save you a seat on the geezer bus....

..or "The Zanti Misfits" on The Outer Limits?

because all of these ants are potentially fertile..

Really? How would the scientists know that?

PS Now available in designer colors....

Oh. "Them."

Harrowing and scary times, my friends.

Watched a Pink Panther 'knockoff' cartoon yesterday about the Ant and the Ardvark. Not as good as the originals that featured John Byner's Dino voice-over for the ant. This was called Land of the Gi-ants and was indeed featuring giant ants.

Bewarned scientists: Not even Jackie Mason can save you.

*Sends zamasama a pass to the Geezer bus* You can sit next to Jeff Meyerson and Wolfsong.

Do they like Emo music and watch reruns of " Friends " like human mutants do ?

Haven't they read Isaac Asimov's "Dreamworld"?

The lead scientist on these studies was Albert Antstein.

What do you call an ant from overseas? Important.

Scientists who ingest ants don't get sick because they're full of antibodies.

Is it happy hour yet?

Good Odd, What's next? Mutant 'uncles'?

* zeet zeet zeet zeet Zeet ZeeT ZeeT ZEET ZEET ZEET ZEET*

Get us James Whitmore and a machine gun, STAT!

"Make me a sergeant in charge of the booze!"

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