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August 17, 2017


Dinosaur erotica was pioneered by two Texas A&M students

(Thanks to Bobby Grawl)


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God, now there's fake fiction!

Barney, you ol' devil you !

"Jurassic Porked"

A&M Students fantasizing about intimate relations with ancient livestock. I'm not registering any surprise. I guess sex with modern livestock just lost it's sizzle.

Paging Hugh Hefner.

If werewolves mated and had offspring would they have a kid or a litter? ----I'm SO glad it's happy hour!


Isn't all fiction fake?

Who knew what Wilma and Betty were up to with Dino while Fred and Barney were at their lodge meetings...

I believe that Gay Werewolf Erotica opened for Frankie Goes to Hollywood. For one of the few times at the Hollywood Bowl, there were very short lines for the restrooms. The local bookstore, however, was a different story....

Featuring the porn star dinos: Tyranosoreass, Lickalottapus, and Diplodorkus

I thought that "Dinosaur Erotica" is what the retirees do at the Villages near Orlando, Florida.

"Ravaged", more likely... Ouch.

P.s. - It's my understanding that Triceratops was always horny.

Doesn't the "tri" in triceratop mean he's (she's?) three times as horny?

This is exactly how you get the "Lizard Men" that South Carolina warned us aboue!

I am inspired to outline erotic literature involving the Mars explorer Curiosity.

I'm thinking an Amish long distance relationship

God is testing us by planting fake dinosaur bones to make us disbelieve the hot man-on-angel sex described in the Bible.

Oh wait, that's not in the Bible? Your Bible, anyway. Poor you...

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