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August 13, 2017


New York women have discovered that creepy men are using the iPhone AirDrop app to send them photos of their privates while on the same train.

(Thanks to Roberto)


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" Calmer " would not be the word to use. Zen it ain't.

1. I never heard of the "AirDrop" app.
2. Get the f#ck off my lawn!
3. there is no #3

Maybe the "AirDrop" app causes fish guts to fall out of the sky.

I had to 'snork' at Dave's comment regarding 'meanwhile' in the nation's cultural center. I think it's been a while since Dave has visited California, the 'concurrent' nation's cultural center. Here is as Ad which has been relentlessly running on local channels for a while now. I feel so sorry and ashamed I have to live here in the mecca of culture. I often toss around the idea of, "who, exactly, is running this place."

Here is the Ad.

Funner California.

Thanks for making me laugh Dave.

I meant to say, Thanks, Dave.

Uh, planted story.

And she's 28?

I suppose digital flashing is better than the old fashioned way.

Snakes on a Train?

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