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August 22, 2017


Car theft suspect pulls over to watch eclipse, gets arrested, deputies say

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Guess the state.

"Yep, officer, a welder's mask. What a feeling! Take your passion and make it happen, that's my motto."

I like how they let him waste his money on the welder's mask before arresting him. It's these little details that matter.

A pair of solar eclipse viewing glasses with burned holes scorched through the lenses were found at the scene.

How did I know, even without looking, that the helmet was from Harbor Freight?

If Mr. Welder invented the mask, did Mr. Photon invent the torpedo ?

Wonder if He used the coupon from HF to get his free LED flashlight and tuna can quality set of screwdrivers?

I once saw a sign in a shop which said:

Education is important.
But welding is importanter.

When the judge imposes sentence on this dastardly criminal for grand theft auto, he'll add an extra ten years for viewing an eclipse using an illegal device.

@ Loudmouth and manual tomato: My father LOVES Harbor Freight. They've had a store less than a mile away from my parents' home for the past several years and my father is in there all the time buying stuff. I've got I don't know how many dozens of flashlights and tape measures he's given me over the years.

@wanderer. Harbor Freight is good for some items. Some tools are good, hand truck cheap, furniture dolly is good, even have a couple of blood pressure machines that are good. My neighbor bought a welder for a hundred dollars from HF and welded his motorcycle back together. One thing I bought that was not good. Air compressor that produced less psi than if if took in a large breath of fresh air and blew into my spray gun. It actually deflated the tires when trying to air one up. We always use the free coupons too. I have a bunch of free tape measures I can never find when I need one.

Oh, wanderer, I have 2 Harbor Freights in close proximity and about half my tools now are from there. It's a candy store. Was in there 2 days ago. No doubt, someday I'll end up with one of their $79 welders and a $15 mask. Sometimes the stuff lasts, sometimes it doesn't. The guy just does not look like the kind who would buy a helmet anywhere more exclusive - like Home Depot or Lowes.

The MOTW Men also love Harbor Freight. I'm not averse to going there myself and, most of the time, I know the right aisle to find what I want need.

Some welder's masks were safe. I used one very briefly for the partial eclipse here. It was as unimpressive as the last one I saw.

What is that unique smell when you walk into any HF? It smells like a cross between mineral oil (I assume to prevent rust during shipping?) rubber tires, and something vaguely reminiscent of unwashed dog.

I can honestly say I'd never heard of Harbor Freight. You learn a lot on this blog.

Remember when you were a kid and Western Auto had red wagons and sparkling new bicycles all lines in a row and all the tools were meticulously laid out for inspection? Harbor Freight is nothing like that AT ALL.

Overheard at Harbor Freight:

"Hey look a whole shelf of swords! (Picks up a sword and swings it around wildly just missing a group of shoppers just arriving from the Chuck E, Cheeses' next door.) I could chop my freaking neighbor in pieces with this."

"So, it says here you had successful lasik surgery done last August 21st? Where was the procedure preformed?"

"Out back on the porch. I bought my welder's mask at Harbor Freight."

There, there {{ manual tomato }}

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