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August 13, 2017


Scientists develop a flexible battery that can run on tears, sweat or even URINE

(Thanks to Patty Villanova)


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Pubs will become the filling stations of the future. In several ways.

"The replacement of toxic chemicals with saline could make the batteries ideal for power devices implanted in the human body."

Power corrupts. Electric power corrupts shockingly.

If you buy one, they won't accept cash.

You have to charge it.

If anybody mentions flexible pee powered batteries and asks you where to get one, it will be easy to answer, "Fudan U."

So it's an add salt & battery?

"while you're out, pick up some batteries"


"p cells"

Figure out how to make this into a car battery and we can drive cross-country without ever stopping.

I knew a girl oncet that could power that battery for 900 years.

The ones in the arm was preferred by Robert Conrad, who dares you to knock it off.

And please don;t confuse him with William Conrad.

Before they were famous, they were Urine, Sweat and Tears. Then... someone suggested a name change.

Snork@ Clankie!

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