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August 11, 2017


Authorities began receiving reports of an individual posing as a U.S. Coast Guard officer and riding around Flathead Lake on a Jet Ski over the last month.

(Thanks to Not My Usual Alias)


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Wasn't this an episode of CHiPs? But on the freeway, not a lake. Jon and Ponch caught that guy too.

486 miles to the nearest coast. Clever disguise!

Flathead County: The Florida of the Pacific Northwest.

Remember the guy in high school who was always impersonating a U.S. Coast Guard officer?

What if we're all in the MATRIX ? Would this guy be a bug ?

A 33-year-old Polson man is accused of impersonating a U.S. Coast Guard officer and taking enforcement action against boaters on the south end of Flathead Lake.

Really? Which one?

And what "enforcemaent action"?

And why only the South end of the Lake? Does he live with mom at the North end?

Bad reportage.

Lisa Simpson: "I mean, if you're the police, who will police the police?"
Homer: "I dunno... Coast Guard?"

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