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August 10, 2017


If you see Bigfoot, ‘please do not shoot,’ SC police say after NC sighting

(Thanks to The Amazing Steve)


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Shootin' only makes him mad.

He's a wimp! Wrassle him!--WWF advice

Why is it people have no problems getting a nice clear picture of some lady having a "wardrobe malfunction" a block away, yet every single picture posted of a bigfoot or UFO looks like a smashed bug?

Q: It takes Bigfoot 3 hours to travel down a river from point A to point B, and 5 hours to travel up the river from B to A. How long would it take Bigfoot to go from A to B in still water?

A: Oreo cookie.

And if the Bigfoot is also armed? Who gets to shoot first?

Kolo: Solo.

I'm pretty sure I dated that guy a few years ago.

Bigfoot Shooters would be a good name for a drink!

And the Bigfoot said:
"Don't shoot, I'm just a guy in a gorrila suit"

SC police gave sound advice. We love the NC folks that come here and provide over 60% of our sales tax revenue. We especially love the ugly ones like big foot because they buy more drinks in our bars.

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