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August 19, 2017


Snake-Mailing Rules Revisited

(Thanks to Kevin Smith)


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There was a guy up in Colorado a few years ago who placed a rattlesnake in his ex-wife's mailbox. It didn't bite her, but the rumor was the Postal Service nailed him bad for insufficient postage stamps on the snake.

Snail mail is now snake mail. Heh.

At first I thought it said "snake making rules revisited" and I didn't think snakes would or could read, even if there were new rules for them.

This is poor video quality, but wrapping a gift-snake always reminds me of Roger Moore in Live and Let Die where he selects a fake snake, takes it to the counter, and asks "Can you give wrap this for me, lengthwise?"

What are the rules for rubber chickens ?

Snork@ Clankie!

This is species discrimination. Snakes and other reptiles should be able to mail letters and packages just like people, and there should be accommodations at Post Offices so they can reach the counters.

They have enough problems as it is carrying cash and credit cards to pay the postage.

Boo! Hiss!

Sorry, Dave, but looks like you'll have to settle for a scorpion as my holiday gift to you this year.

My post office no longer has those "ANACONDA: HANDLE WITH CARE" stickers anyway...although they do carry Snoopy Christmas cards.

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