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July 30, 2017


Crews work quickly after bird pecks through power pole in Snohomish Co.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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We've seen wandering beavers, roaming beavers, climbing beavers, fighting beavers and now flying beavers. Yet you guys keep blaming squirrels.

I'm telling you - beavers are the real problem.

Weren't squirrels the "handlers" for Hitchcock's "the Birds" movie?

funny man- You are likely correct about the squirrels being behind bird attacks. The squirrels have known for years all birds are a bunch of peckerheads.

This isn't as bad as what happened on Ocracoke Island, NC this week. They said construction crews accidentally bored through the main, underwater, power line which resulted in 10,000 tourists being evacuated but, we all know it was really the squirrels. I'm assuming that squirrels can swim.

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