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July 31, 2017


Flight in Vegas delayed by naked passenger

(Thanks to Jay Brandes, Le Petomane, Rick Day, Patty Villanova, Al Barkafski and Not My Usual Alias)


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A passenger removed all their clothes?

Calling Mr. Language Person, stat!

No frills airlines already ban wear-ons.

"Their" is because "its" is the only other gender approved possessive pronoun. Xe. Language Person approves.

It thought they was sitting in first class. It removed their clothes to get comfortable.

This is another of those case-by-case situations.

It did save him an embarrassing strip search.

He confused boarding with a TSA screening. Or the jet was very hot.

Good he got medical treatment.

police and medical responders took the passenger for observation.

Isn't observation what caused the problem in the first place?

I, too, cringed at "a passenger removed all their clothes." I do a lot of presentations, including teaching a class at a local community college each summer, and I refuse to adopt the singular "they." I still go with "he" or "his" and I always start my lectures by explaining that I am not sexist, just grammatically anal and too lazy to say "his or hers" every time.

Thanks for the clarification, funny man. I actually assumed "their" meant the passenger was "trans-gender".


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