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July 29, 2017





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Well, she looks good, but it's got to cut down on her speed.


Oh, sorry. Red card foul for spiking. Nevermind.

Notches. However, I almost sprained an ankle wearing flat shoes yesterday.

Was she playing or watching?

Are those Nike or Adidas?

Mrs. Blog making a fashion statement?

I mean, she was wearing clothes too, right?

That is a nice blue.

I blame the Kardasians.

Well, referees like to look nice too.

The new combat boot.

She will develop resting bitch foot.

Obviously playing striker

Unneccesary Spiking. Penalty--1000 yards and a seat in the nosebleed section.

Trying to impress David Beckham?

Mrs Blog. He was only looking at her shoes. Yeah, that's the ticket. Only her shoes.
It's many a time here in Miami that I have pointed someone out to my wife and then I say "Do you believe she would go out in public dressed like that? Disgusting". I think she's on to me though.

I assume this was for the Real Madrid/Barcelona match- " El Clasico"- in Miami on Saturday. Since the cheap tickets were around $ 250 a pop, I think the fashionista soccer moms naturally went more for the Barbarella look than just dragging out the Keds. I doubt it will catch on in the suburbs for the high school leagues.

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