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July 17, 2017


One Chelmsford mother was left taken aback after her children spotted a rather rude inflatable in the River Chelmer.

"The poor hen is now missing her giant willy," she said.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I thought roosters had willies, not hens.
Where would you buy something like that? A friend wants to know.

A life raft from a pinnace.

A "hen night gone wrong" is as plausible an explanation as any.

Free Willy!

Somewhere there is a very unhappy pirate.

It was trying to swim upstream to spawn.

Row, row, row yer bone....

What kind of balloon animal was that, mommy?
Some kind of troozer snake...

I might have seen Rather Rude Inflatables open for Barenaked Ladies (or was it the other way around?)


Actual chickens don't have penises.

And inflatable willies are available on Amazon and eBay of course.

I always wonder what Chinese workers thing of the rest of the world as they crank these out in their sweatshops.

*snork* @bgbear > "crank"..

One can learn a lot from this blog. Thanks to Ralph we now know that roosters have nothing to crow about and Amazon has some really fun merchandise you can't find in your average store.

Thanks Ralph! I mean, my friend said to thank you.

Note the customer reviews on the Amazon link.

Meanie, we're not unhappy, we're proud!
Do you know how much plaster that model took to create?

Hmmmm. My comment wasn't really referring to you, good sir Pirate. But since it evidently does - a plaster model of a wooden leg?

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