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July 27, 2017


Massive squirrels have 'road rage' battle that wouldn't look out of place in a wrestling ring

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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Grappling technique has long been a squirrel's strong point when a road rage incident occurs.

There is an actual wrestling move called "the flying squirrel" you can see here

"YOU sent the last car out of control. It's MY turn!"

"No, I didn't! It's MY turn!"

And suddenly I'm reminded of the Geico commercial.

The untold story of Chip and Dale....

it wasn't always peaceful...

I'm a marmot
He's a marmot
We're all marmots
If you drink Dr Marmot
You're a marmot, too

Looked more like a mating ritual. It must be me - I'm still not over the turtle fondling.

There are lots of marmots in the Colorado high country. They are not only one of the largest of the squirrel family, but also maintain the squirrel legacy of being destructive. A contractor friend of my dad's was using a huge diesel air compressor on a mining job just below timberline. One weekend the marmots ate the radiator. Cost several days and big money to repair. And he said while they were repairing the damage they could hear the marmots on a cliff overlooking the mine laughing and laughing.

In Florida that called a first date.

Massive Grappling Marmots opened for Alice Cooper.

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