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July 15, 2017


Send it to Washington.

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko, who says "I'm looking through my Robert's Rules of Order and see the section about tabling motions, but can't seem to find the section on putting tables into motion.")


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In Sonny Liston We Trust.

Here you are, Peter.

( the link is clumsy, but seems to work)


Hm, this is not much better...anyway, it is pg. 146 of 'The Burgess Nonsense Book', item 'The Meeting of a Social Club', in google books.


Who ate all the Entenmann's?!?!

Must. Switch. To. Decaf.

In the still shot, did anyone else notice the can of Four Loko on the floor?

The space aliens here in Roswell, NM blocked this link. It must have contained Area 51 secrets...or a secret recipe for dip.

Motion to overrule the chair...

No, not that chair – the other chair, and the other other chair, and....

The explanation (sort of.)

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