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July 17, 2017


The woman and shirtless manager continue to argue in the kitchen and the woman arms herself with a metal spatula.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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We need to get those things out of untrained civilian hands.

This is exactly why I only eat out at Chuck E. Cheese.
I wonder when the manager picked up his final paycheck?

I'll tear you short and stubby limb from short and stubby limb."

I always thought the floor show cost extra.

I can truthfully say that when I worked for Taco Bell (1977,1978), our manager(s) wore shirts.

It's a merger of Chippendales and Chuck E. Cheese.

The Taco Bell manager was immediately hired at a substantial pay increase by chuck E. Cheese because of his qualifications.

Taco Bell, sponsored by the WWF. Or, perhaps the other way around?

I though they were supposed to wear those colorful rubber masks in the ring.

When I was in in high school (Back in the 1800's), I worked for Carl's Jr. for three whole days. I quit when I was yelled at for sweating.

But I kept my shirt on. No one wants to see that much of me!

At our local TB, firearms are involved. I have learned not to complain

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