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July 14, 2017


Colusa Community Surprised after Mountain Lion Jumps through Apartment Window

(Thanks to coscolo and Not My Usual Alias)


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Hello, kitty.

The homeowner wasn't lion?

I just realized it's really hard to find words that rhyme with "puma" or "cougar." It's even harder to make the rhyme funny. I'm sure this group of knuckleheads will take that as a challenge.

padraig- I'm still working on 'purple'.

And by "surprised" they mean "soiled themselves"

I realize it is probably a stock photo, but who wouldn't want to wake up with that smiling face stalking you every morning

Finding a cougar in your bed is often welcomed, so I'm told.

Film at 11: many colons were loosa in Colusa...

pradraig--- as per your request.

A gal named Huma had a pet puma
It's fleece was yellow as gold
and everywhere Huma went
that puma and Huma
the cougar of Colusa
was sure to go

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