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July 27, 2017


An Indian official has reportedly urged villagers who do not have enough money to build toilets in their homes to sell their wives to make some extra money.


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This would also reduce the amount of time spent by the household in the bathroom (In my house, this would reduce bathroom time by about 90%) :-(

What's the wife/toilet spot price right now?

And they can leave the seat up.

Sounds like a two-fer.

I got yer plumber's crack right here, guys.

If the guy kicks in the kids along with the wife, does he then get a big screen TV and a case of beer with his toilet?

Single man with indoor plumbing seeks mate to help with second bathroom.

Huge *snorks* to all; great stuff!

Makes sense. I'd rather have something to defecate on then to be defecated on.

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