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July 31, 2017


Mrs. Newby killed 11 copperheads last night at her house!

Mrs. Newby is 72.

(Thanks to Le Petomane and manual tomato)


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1. Oklahoma : the Australia of states? Discuss.
2. 72 is NOT elderly!

And stay off her lawn, whippernsappers!

This must be why Oklahoma! uses so many exclamation points.

My grandmother would have bit their heads off before she shot them then danced around in a circle in a victory celebration. Right before she clobbered someone over the head with her purse.

She might want to invest in some pet mongooses.

11 snakes, or 11 beers? Hard to tell with that name.

I'm rethinking the term 'newbie' in light of Mrs. Newby.

Mrs. Newby in action here

Kudos to Mrs. Newby. Now we need to tell that lady the truth about squirrels.

A page from Mrs Newby's upcoming cookbook.
Chicken Fried Snake

If she has that many copperheads going under her house she has a rodent problem, not a snake problem. They are not aggressive toward humans.

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