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July 28, 2017


Retailer apologizes after font makes ‘glitter’ appear to read as ‘Hitler’

(Thanks to The Amazing Steve)


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For some reason it remained me of the movie "Rat Race", with Jon Lovitz as "Hitler".
it is on U-Tube as "Rat Race (8/9) Movie CLIP - Hitler's Car (2001) HD"

I could never understand what the Germans saw in glitter.

Reminds me of the legend about troops painting "FLICKER" on the side of trucks in Vietnam. (The "L" and the "I" merge together.)


The Fuhrer always did like to make a spectacular showing.

Heil Glitter! Dummkopfs..

We would like to erectly apologize to all our customers.

A big snork to manual tomato

Today, Hobby Lobby...tomorrow...you know.

When der Führer says
Ve is der Masterrace
Ve Heil! (Heil!) Heil! (Heil!)
Right in der Fürher's face

Oneblank -- we could use another Spike Jones in this day and age. Imagine the possibilities...

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