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July 31, 2017


Mum tries to glue dead fly to her eyelid after confusing it with her fake lashes

(Thanks to Le Petomane and Ralph)


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Our receptionist does this each day without fail.

Dead fly eyelashes were very popular with mortician Addams.

As if anyone would notice.

What is this fly doing in my eyelash?

The backstroke.

Some eyelashes are batted; these are just swatted.

This is exactly why you always put your contacts in before applying makeup. This has been your beauty tip of the day.

So she wanted to "look fly" you say?...Wish granted...

I don't know why she glued on a fly;
Perhaps she'll die.

You can fracture an eyelash doing this, which would then be a pre-existing condition and cause for loss of health care coverage under Republican proposals.

Like the old Aeon Flux anime that M-TV used to play late nights? (Yeah, I'm a child of the 80's - don't judge)

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