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July 30, 2017


Norwegian broadcaster NRK's website will present people who want to leave comments with a quiz that asks them about what the story is actually about.

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)

ADVISORY: Before you comment on this blog post, you must pass the following multiple-choice quiz:

What is the article about?

a. Squirrels.


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Umm-- B?

Oh Damn!
Never mind . . .

It's about what the story is actually about.

The graphic showing designer cars, buses and trains had all been designed by Squirrels?

Who knew?

Besides just deleting unrelated subject matter posts, couldn't offenders be assigned to spend quality internet etiquette learning time with resting bitch faced, Gjurd.

Answer me these questions three... ere the other side you see.

B. Barry Manilow
C. Poo

D. Crime in Flathead County
E. Crime in Florida

I gotta get the Snopes guys to do this.

You know, they may have "some thing" there!

Snorks @ all above!

c. Boogers

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