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July 29, 2017


(Thanks to Fabian Marson, who says "If not for the beer, this country of ours would be uninhabitable.")


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The Sharks are gonna get it... tonight....

At's a real fair suck of the sav it is.

From one look at that croccodile, they need a bigger boat.

Wasn't this a movie on Syfy?

"We are going to build a crocodile of Massive proportiond!" ==TV's Frank during the Invention exchange.*

*Geezer reference

Ever notice that whenever it's Shark Week on that cable channel, that there are more videos of sharks in the media? Why is that?

I thought the media and/or sharks were one and the same. Lacking a digestive track.

Sharks and the US media are quite similar--except the sharks have better morals.

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