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July 17, 2017


Semi driver dumps 42,100 pounds of beer on Wolf Creek Pass

(Thanks to Bryan)


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We're gonna need a lot more pretzels and peanuts...

I...I have friends and family up there...the devastation...to think that...I've advised them to lie down on Highway 160 with their mouths open wide...it's just too sad...but true, it's Bud Light.

"I just dumped 42,100 lbs. of Bud Light on the second runaway ramp."

"What happened to the Coors light?"

"I drank it right before the first runaway ramp."

Which weighs more, a pound of beer or a pound of Bud Light?

Call the Environmental Intoxication Agency.

If the beer had been anything but Bud Light, this would be cause for a week of mourning.

Guess the state? (From 2016)

Chip[s and Beer Truck Crash.

If that had been real beer, it would be cause for a day (or at least, afternoon) of mourning.

We need C.W. McCall and Chip Davis to write a song about this.

Might give some baby trout a mild buzz.

Tastes .... er, wet.
More pothole filling.

It was a Coors plot.

Obligatory: Wolf Creek Pass, Way up on the Great divide, Truckin' on down the other side.

Open those cans with care -- they look pretty shook up.

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