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July 17, 2017


Seriously: Ew.

("Thanks" to Bob Brogan)


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Send them - The Squirming Maggots - to Washington.

Kazakhstan Ear Maggots opened for Barry Manilow.

Hope the boy's day got better.

This story will have a happy ending...unless a few of those maggots were female and laid eggs before they were removed from his ear.

Diagnostic monitoring: $417
Anaesthetic: $150
Precautionary antibiotic: $75
Precautionary restraints: $60
Removing live maggots from ear: Priceless (but phenomenally expensive)

It's dark, it's warm, it's moist. Perfect environment. I'm wearing earplugs from now on at night.

Nurse Cindy?

Meanie, you forgot:
Valium for nursecindy: $10
I can't stand squirmy things so I'm the one that would have needed the sedative. I spent a lot of my e.r. career walking around with my eyes closed.

I can't hear you... I Can't Hear You... I CAN'T HEAR YOU...

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