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July 15, 2017


Arizona police tweeted an unusual warning to parents shopping for back to school supplies -- pieces of drug paraphernalia are not required for chemistry class.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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At last. Some news you can use.

So that's why Walmart has removed all the bongs from their "Back To School" shopping aisle.

That may not be what the teacher said ....

- Homer Simpson

Why waste your money ? With a beaker, a rubber stopper and some glass tubing, you can make your own.

But getting dad to buy some sex toys for you is okay, right? (I'm asking for a friend.)

This could be a great educational tool for high school chemistry. Substitute teacher Mr. Chong: "OK class, now that the government has cracked down on what you can buy, today we are going to learn how to build an improvised bong. Next week we will delve into different methods of brewing beer."

Just an FYI but, I think Clankie has an Instructable for his make your own bong.

They'll have to settle for the traditional supplies.

What's wrong with aluminum foil and a potato?

Unless Walter White is your chemistry teacher, then you get extra credit for all the flasks, beakers and reaction containers you bring to his class.

Schools talk about more STEM classes. This is just more stems AND seeds.

Besides, the Home Ec class may want to make a pot pie.

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