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June 19, 2017


Drone-delivered kale, and 5 more things we might see at an Amazon-owned Whole Foods

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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Send that kale to North Korea. Also the White House.

I think both could use more roughage.

My wife has been making us micro-nutrient smoothies. I am thinking I should replace her supply of organic kale with fresh mowed lawn waste, but she caught on when I said, "I don't want any thanks, It taste like fresh mowed lawn waste." She insists it's good for me. I think I'm allergic to the Flax seed. Sometimes after a micro-nutrient smoothie my throat swells up and I can't breathe. Plus I choke on the extra large serving of fresh mowed lawn waste I deserve for trying to deceive her. It's really very good. I am told to say that.

There is supposedly a company that manufactures a 12 gauge drone killer shotgun shell. I expect stock in that company may start booming. Especially if that blasted drone is packing kale.

Which is scarier?

A gale wind is coming, or

A kale wind is coming?

Drone-Delivered Cale would be a bagpipe album featuring After Midnight, Cocaine, and Call Me The Breeze.

Kale is a mistake. Anyone remembers that episode from the Cheers, when Woody was hipnotized to like the kale based drink?

Kale even sounds bad.

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