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June 17, 2017


A Worm Went to Space and Came Back With Two Heads

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko and The Perts)


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I have a few thoughts on who they should send next.

Wasn't The Space Worm With Two Heads A bad 50's sci-fi movie that was panned on MST3K? If not, it sure seems familiar.

Origin of the Fantastic Four

Will still slither out on the rainy sidewalk and dry up in the sun. Space, the final front lawn.

Send it to Washington.

"Jim, I'm an old country doctor, not a mad scientist!"

"So you think one head is better?"

--from the private files of James T, Kirk

Lemme tell ya, I get no respect. I went to outer space, went around the moon and all! Came back with two heads. My wife says "One was too much already." I tell ya...

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