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June 17, 2017


If you are a male, you do NOT want to click on the Sports Update.

(Thanks to manual tomato)

Another item you males should not click on can be found here.

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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The irony is, he was only there because he got a forfeit in his sumo match.

My legs are crossed all the way up to the armpits.

That fighter in the blue trunks was a real nut job.

And in the second video, we have a loose nut to deal with. Lots of nutty news lately.

Right, they found it rolling around in the third row. Yeah, it' rumored Jay and the Techniques. could do a reunion tour. Why? Do they bring back memories?

I think Wrong Testicle never made it out of their garage band phase.

I still don't understand why athletes do not wanna wear a protective cup.

When your macho is bleeding profusely, it's too late.

In the second story, the attending nurse should have whispered "it's the other left, you moron!"

Oh, the humanity (and humidity!)!

funny man, we always wrote "NO" on the organ that wasn't to be removed or operated on. Maybe they should try that next time. On the other hand we did this with a Sharpie so maybe that wouldn't be such a great idea afterall.

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