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June 16, 2017


Woman filmed giving in-flight lap dance claims she's 'absolutely mortified’

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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Numerous members of the House and Senate simultaneously spit up all over one another earlier today in a show of solidarity...in other news, many U.S, carriers are considering raising the price for in-flight lap dances and outright sexual acts for most domestic flights. Let's talk with a former lap dancer frequent flyer and Congressman Al Franken. Congressman Franken what stupid comment you say today.

Now lets bring in columnist Judith Miller. Thank you for coming on the show Ms. Miller. Ms. Miller? Get down off our cameraman Ms. Miller.

The new class (?) of Mile High Dancers. Must be a kind of code for something, right?

manual tomato discovers lap dances on a plane beats snakes on a plane.

I think it's something In the air Tonight.

Enjoy, and be thankful it's not PAULRYAN air.


Let's dance!

She doesn't look mortified.

Gives new meaning to getting bumped on a flight. Bumped and grounded.

"She doesn't look mortified."

Yeah, there's a bit of a blank stare going on there.

Time to remove a few seats and put in brass poles.

gives a whole new meaning to fly united

I can only relate to this in having seen that absolutely mortified look on a fellow traveler's face when I've tried to strike up some friendly conversation. The folks on this flight were apparently a lot more gregarious/drunk than any I've seen.

She may have been mortified but I think rigamortis was starting on the gentlemen.

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